ATTENTION! Currently I'm not taking any consulting engagements.
I know this page states otherwise, but I’m no longer doing any consulting, so please do not bother contacting me – it’s highly likely I won’t even respond.
Do you have a MySQL performance issue?

I can help you solve it in no time.

For the last 12 years I’ve been helping businesses solve all sorts of application performance issues. Here’s just a few of the examples:

  1. Occasionally all MySQL queries seem to be stuck for a few seconds. Please fix that.
  2. MySQL is consuming too much CPU. And disk. How can we reduce the workload?
  3. Replication slaves can’t keep up anymore. Help!
  4. These queries shouldn’t be taking this long. They’re hundreds of times faster in staging!
  5. Things were running fine for the last three months, suddenly our website slowed down!

And thousands of other business critical MySQL, Percona Server and MariaDB performance issues.

About me

Aurimas Mikalauskas, MySQL Performance and Scalability Consultant at Speedemy.comHi, my name is Aurimas Mikalauskas (, , ). I started improving systems performance since the fist day I got myself a computer, however it was not until around 2004 that I faced real challenges – this was when I got an opportunity to work on scaling four largest, fastest growing websites in Lithuania at that time –,, and, handling tens of thousands of user requests every single minute, across over 30 servers.

There weren’t many resources on MySQL performance available those days, so I’ve spent countless hours in forums, on IRC, interrogating developers I had access to, and digging MySQL source code to understand some things nobody knew the answer to.

In December 2006, I have joined Percona as their first full time performance consultant. I’ve spent 9 years there working as a senior consultant, principal consultant and finally as an architect, until I decided it’s time for us to part ways.

Why hire an independent consultant

For years I’ve been doing consulting in the name of a company. However, after a while I realized the truth that consultants vary greatly in their attention to detail, ability to understand and focus on business goals and quite simply the level of skill. Which meant that the service clients were getting was very inconsistent (put mildly) and that just didn’t seem fair to me.

I mean, why would a client have to pay just as much (or at all, for that matter) for a poor service as he would pay for a job well done?

Therefore starting independent consulting was a natural thing to do at that point, especially since most of the companies that I worked with in the past were asking to have me as a named consultant anyway. So it was a win-win both for my clients and me: clients were now getting consistent high-class service with no overhead, and I got to work with clients that actually valued great consulting services.

Over the years, I had a pleasure working with companies such as:

  • BBC – I’ve been involved in scaling their central user authentication system
  • Boardreader – I have worked on the search engine, which stores over 5TB of text data searchable in real time
  • Grab – I have reviewed their systems and made significant performance improvements
  • Engine Yard – for few years I’ve been regularly optimizing databases for their fastest growing customers
  • Big Fish Games – lots of different performance optimization work
  • Groupon – dealing with their MySQL scalability challenges
  • eMailPlatform – I help them day to day with various performance related issues

As well as world’s largest social networks and hundreds of other companies from startups to corporations operating in various industries.

How does it work?

So you’re probably wondering now, if you choose to hire me – how does it work?

Normally the work is done remotely, most of the time – over ssh (and through VPN), as that’s the most efficient way to do it.

First we get on the phone to discuss your situation and how long it may take to have it solved, then I start working on your servers. If you have a specific performance problem you want solved, that’s my first priority and I will work on that, checkpointing with you regularly.

If you want a more proactive look at the database or a general optimization to reduce resource usage, then I will review your MySQL server OS configuration, MySQL config, status counters, schema and queries. And of course I will suggest how you can improve that.

Additionally, I will look for any intermittent performance problems that you may not even be aware of as they happen too infrequently and only last for a few seconds.

Remote – not for you? Not a problem.

If you prefer, the work can also be done onsite. I am based in Vilnius, Lithuania, hence 3-4 hour flying distance from most Europe countries, but I can travel to US, Canada and many other countries on a short notice (availability permitting).

Alternatively, we can use screen sharing tools and video conferencing, if that works better for you.

So, if you have an interesting performance challenge that you think I could help you with, let me know.

Let’s get in touch

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And here’s a just a few of all the praises I have received from the clients over the years (yes, I store all of them in a special folder in my email account, called “my mission”):

For EstanteVirtual CEO André Garcia, the personal relationship with Percona, and Aurimas in particular, is a delight. “I have a dedicated consultant who not only understands my setup, but he understands my business. I have to translate some Portuguese words for him once in a while, but that is part of the fun! Because he knows both where I want to get and what I care for, he knows exactly what I need before I ask! It’s fantastic.”
Aurimas has been a pleasure to work with.
Aurimas, it was a pleasure to work with an expert and get a better understanding of where we are with our database. I appreciated how thoroughly you were able to analyze our system in such a short time.
Aurimas, <..> also, I wanted to take a moment here to let you know how thrilled I have been with your work over the past year. You have done a really great job understanding my needs and quickly finding solutions to my problems. I have the highest level of confidence in the quality of your work and its a great relief for me to have someone as talented and knowledgeable as you helping me out when issues arrive with my server.
Just finished a few weeks project with this talented guy. We are so happy with the results of the project. Aurimas perfectly handled every mysql issue we had with patience and kindness. Was worth any penny! Hope to work with him again in the future with a much bigger challenges! For us he is 5 stars, 100% professional.

Talk to you soon!