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Advanced MySQL Slow Query Logging

In MySQL by Aurimas Mikalauskas3 Comments

Proper MySQL Query Optimization starts with a proper Slow Query Logging session. And MySQL Query Optimization is where I spend 70-80% of my time when doing MySQL performance optimization. In this short series I will show you how to do Slow Query Logging the right way. Read More

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How To Speed Up MySQL Restart (hint: just like before, but this time for real)

In MySQL by Aurimas Mikalauskas2 Comments

Restating MySQL can be really annoying. You just want to disable the goddamn query cache and it takes forever (read 5-10 minutes) to shutdown, not to mention the warm-up time. Yes, with MySQL 5.7 you can do many changes online, so you won’t necessarily be restarting that often, but you still need to do upgrades, occasionally increase redo log size and, admit it, enable skip-grant-tables. Here’s how you can make this process way less painful. Read More

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Troubleshooting (Web) Application Performance Issues with Strace

In Apache by Aurimas Mikalauskas2 Comments

What do you do when your Linux web app starts acting out? You troubleshoot it, of course! Me too. And today I would like to talk to you about one tool that works really well with all sorts of applications and application servers – ranging from apache http server running modules (mod_php, mod_perl, etc.), to applications running in fast cgi setting or even simple single-threaded programs. Read More

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MySQL 5.7 default configuration: what’s new? (and what’s not)

In MySQL by Aurimas Mikalauskas0 Comments

Inspired by Peter Zaitsev’s post for MySQL 5.6, I decided to do a comparison between default configuration of MySQL 5.6 and 5.7. And I gotta tell you, some of the changes I found will have a huge impact on performance so make sure to get yourself familiar with them before you upgrade, even if you’re not otherwise running with a default configuration. Read More